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Rodgers, Eileen

Miracle Of Love - The Complete Singles
Disc 1
1.  Just A Little Bit More
2.  Now Is The Time
3.  The Desperate Hours
4.  I Had To Lose You To Love You
5.  Some Of These Days
6.  You're Wrong, All Wrong
7.  Miracle Of Love
8.  Unwanted Heart
9.  Give Me
10. I Wish I Didn't Have To Dream So Far
11. The Wall
12. This Day
13. Everything But Love
14. Don't Call Me Sweetie (Cause I'm Bitter)
15. Third Finger, Left Hand
16. Crazy Dream
17. Happy Love
18. That Ain't Right
19. Just In Case You Change Your Mind
20. I'm Not Afraid Anymore
21. Careful, Careful (Handle Me With Care)
22. I'm Alone Because I Love You
23. Treasure Of Your Love
24. A Little Bit Bluer
25. I Never Know When To Say When
26. King Of My Heart
27. Brand New Heartache
Disc 2
1.  The Best Of Friends
2.  'Til Tomorrow
3.  I'll Always Be In Love With You
4.  You Were Meant For Me
5.  I Wish I Was The Moon
6.  Older And Wiser
7.  I Cry By Night
8.  You Better Decide
9.  The Phone Call
10. Wait Till Tomorrow
11. The Nightingale Who Sang Off Key
12. Sailor
13. Love Has Finally Come My Way
14. Femininity
15. Keep It Simple
16. You Don't Know Him
17. Gentleman Jimmy
18. Little Old New York
19. How The Money Changes Hands
20. My Gentle Young Johnny
21. You're The Top
22. Friendship
23. I Get A Kick Out Of You
24. Anything Goes
25. Let's Misbehave
26. Blow, Gabriel, Blow
27. Take Me Back To Manhattan
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