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Rhodes, Betty

Starring Betty Rhodes

1.  I Don’t Want To Walk Without You

2.  I Said “No”

3.  This Is Always

4.  Somewhere In The Night

5.  I’d Be Lost Without You

6.  What Has She Got That I Haven’t Got

7.  What Is This Thing Called Love

8.  I’ve Got You Under My Skin

9.  Rumors Are Flying

10. How Could I?

11. Bless You

12. You’ll Always Be The One I Love

13. What A Fool I Have Been

14. They Can’t Convince Me

15. You’re Everywhere

16. Maybe You’ll Be There

17. Tonight Be Tender To Me

18. The Man Who Paints The Rainbow In The Sky

19. Why Should I Cry Over You?

20. Those Things Money Can’t Buy

21. Put Yourself In My Place, Baby

22. Just Around The Corner

23. Long After Tonight

24. I Remember Mama

25. Buttons And Bows

26. I Still Get A Thrill

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